The name "Psycray" came to us after an encounter with, bizarrely enough, a psychotically determined crayfish. He was working feverishly to reorganize his home, digging around to find the best stones, putting them in the best places. We puzzled over his motivation: maybe he wanted his tank's design to better reflect his personality; maybe he was trying to attract other crayfish; perhaps the time had just come for him to overhaul his home.

Whatever his reason, we found his tenacity and work ethic - his desire to stay competitive - impressive. It was something to emulate, something we were eager to bring to our clients.

The name "Psycray" is our way of keeping our commitment to client satisfaction at the forefront of our company's mission: that's The Psycray Way.

"Psycray always has extremely fast response times and been great at providing cost-effective solutions to my challenges."

-Michael Bloom, Director of Marketing, Navman Wireless North America

"Frank and I have worked as partners, as client and vendor, as well as pro bono participants in so many great projects over the years that I don't know where to start. Let me say this, Frank and the Psycray team have always been attentive to the specific and often widely divergent goals we have set, have come back with a tight responsible SOW, and have delivered a finely tuned work results. He consistently knows how to finely balance the often outrageously ambitious goals withnthe budgetary realities a client always faces."

-William Furlong, Digital Media & Data Driven Marketing Executive, B2B Domain Expert

“Psycray gave us a new look and feel that was much needed for my company. The new visuals were dead on. I think Psycray did a tremendous job. I would work with them again for our future web needs!”

-Patrick Yanahan, VP of Marketing

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